Personalised Experience

SIBCON 2020 is a virtual experience that can be customised based on your preferences. With a myriad of activities, presentations, panels, roundtables, trivia and business meeting options, we recommend that participants take the time to personalise their experience to maximise investment.

Here is your step by step guide:

  1. Log on to Swapcard using the Magic Link sent to you
  2. Update your profile on Swapcard to get meeting recommendations
  3. View the Participant list, and see the meeting availability of people you want to connect with
  4. Send a 1 to 1 meeting request directly or with assistance from the SIBCON Concierge
  5. View the detailed agenda and add sessions you want to attend to your schedule
  6. Join the micro communities to learn more and network within special interest groups
  7. Take part in quizzes and trivia to enrich yourself
  8. Visit the virtual booths and engage the exhibitors to better understand their services